With TGS going on and the release of a lot of games being hyped, I think it’s a good idea to filter your negativity. And also to understand, at the same time, that not everyone will be positive either. There are people who may love the game(s) you diss, and people who may really not like games you’re looking forward to.

And that’s okay. Just be chill about it. They are just video games - even though many of them are more personal than that for us, even though many are escapes, or inspirations, or childhoods, to many others they are just forms of entertainment and that needs to be kept in context during times like this I think. Especially when we’re mostly in the hype phase. There is no reason to be rude in bashing something, or in praising something… it’s okay to dislike games and ideas but don’t project that dislike onto the people who have different opinions than you. What doesn’t matter to you, might matter to them, and vice versa.

People are going to think differently. Just think differently, nicely. :3

TL;DR When it comes to gaming, it’s that time of year. Let’s not be douchebags.