If you were in Dark Souls, and could make all of your choices only once with no do-overs, and had to live with the consequences for the rest of your semi-hollowed life… what would you do?

Would you prolong the age of fire, to allow life to go on as normal for a while longer? Or would you bring in the age of dark and have humanity go where they ‘belong?’

Would you stop the spread of the Abyss?

Would you tell Laurentius about that fascinating ember, and satiate his curiosity and drive, after all he’s done to help you? 

Would you free Logan to allow him to get to the Duke’s Archives?

Would you let Solaire have his sun, which ends in his insanity and death, or would you save him so that he could continue to live - and help you? 

Would you kill Ciaran for her attire? Would you give her Artorias’s soul as she requests?

What would you do?

When you stop and think about it, the only good thing the Chosen Undead really did was ending the suffering of a lot of characters. Your choice at the end of the game is questionable either way. That said… one thing everyone seems pretty adamant about is stopping the Abyss. I’m thinking of Ingward especially - “Mark my words. The Darkwraiths are the enemies of man, and any living thing that has a soul. They were never meant to roam again.” I’ll leave Gwyn out of this since he’s biased (having the opposite soul that spawned the Abyss and all), and Artorias by association (though I somehow get the feeling he wanted the Abyss stopped regardless of Gwyn), but even then we still have Dusk, Elizabeth, Sif, Alvina… there’s enough said and implied that Abyss = bad that it’s easy enough to grasp that.

So I guess there’s that too. The Chosen Undead saves Dusk, and stops further spreading of the Abyss. He/she kills Manus in the process, but he was insane. I can’t that, like so many other fights in Dark Souls, was anything other than a mercy kill. 

Other than those things, which in themselves are arguable, the Chosen strikes one as just as much of an asshole with questionable, mysterious motives as anyone else. Makes me wanna not look upon Lautrec or Patches too harshly, because for all I know, most of the characters would look upon the Chosen Undead harshly too. We all have our reasons, and our own definitions of good and evil…

Wonder if anyone can answer me a question real quick.

Decided to play a bit of DSII before sleep and apparently had to install an Xbox update and Compatibility Pack 2, which is still downloading. Thing is, I could’ve sworn I already did that one? I might be mistaken… is this for the new DLC tomorrow?

It’s taking forever… o_o